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My Christmas EP is live!

Late to blog about this but on time with the release. Just in time for the holidays, here’s “You Can’t Spell Sam Christie Without Christmas” featuring yours truly covering some true classics. 

I’m Starting A Music Blog –

For June’s month of stuff, I’m getting into something I truly enjoy. A few things, really.

1. Writing
2. Music
3….Writing about music

Introducing, a medium-to-long-form music blog on my favorite tunes, how they make me feel, what I see when I listen to them, etc. The goal for this month is to write up four albums, songs, artists, or situations*, describing in detail what is running through my head as I listen or experience the music. 

In general, there’s too much negative garbage on the internet. This blog will be celebrating how awesome music is, and won’t focus much on controversy, criticism, or anything like that unless it’s framed in a positive way. 

Who knows, maybe some other people will want to jump in and we’ll have some guest posts.

Stay tuned next week for the first posts over on All images, styling, etc subject to change. 

In love & stuff,

*In the case of writing up a scenario, I would paint a picture with delicious words about a particular time when I was listening to a song, vibing to an album front to back on the beach, or I’d be recalling a music-related experience.

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