The Sched So Far

January – 12 Months of Stuff Introduction. Build the site and post 2 intro videos.

February – Release and promote the split EP. Do lots of video content and outreach to bloggers.

March – Truth Tees. Hand drawn art on made to order tees, % of $ goes to charity. 

April – Drum cover videos.

May – build a website from scratch.

June – – music blog.

July – Tried to open an etsy shop. Didn’t happen. Too busy getting married! Woo.

August – draw every day.

September – “get healthy”/”get better”

October – idea generation and revamping routines.

😛 * ~Sched subject to change, mmkay? ~ * 😛

The Rest of the Possible Stuff

  • Write a children’s book (text only)
  • Do a simple Tim-and-Eric-style 4 episode YouTube series