This is another drum cover that has been cookin’ in the ol’ Sam Christie drum oven for a long time. “Woo Boost” by Rusko is one of the first songs that introduced me to the wonderful world of EDM. While I’m not a neon-wearing EDM festival fiend, I do enjoy it any time a scene kid pivots successfully. No-vox electronic wubs and flubs have provided the soundtrack to many of my most productive days.

If EDM doesn’t click with you by the end of this video, you may never understand it*. *It’s also highly possible I have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway, take it from a guy who covered “Woo Boost” in a banana suit. You’ll enjoy this one way or another.

Missed last week’s cover of “Bonfire” by Childish Gambino? Watch it here.

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