Here’s an alternate version of a song that’s on the Young Professionals split EP that I’m releasing on February 24. It’s called “Kim”. 

The EP version is very light hearted and bouncy. There’s a capo on the third fret and it’s much faster than this one. There’s even some parts that may leave you laughing (seriously), but I’m not giving anything away just yet. That isn’t this version. So, don’t be alarmed if you don’t like this alternate take, because it’s nothing like what’s on the EP :).

This version is in standard tuning and slowed down, which gives it a darker tone. Watching the video back, this version of “Kim” is actually pretty ominous and a tad depressing, but I still like it. It’s a much different vibe than the EP cut. The darker tinge and lower octave opens up the melody a bit, allowing me to riff vocally here and there. That’s fun. Plus since the song is slowed down there are some interesting lyrical patterns that I can fit into each verse.

Hope you enjoyed this alternate take of what is usually a happy-go-lucky jam :D.

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