On ‘Young Professionals’, there’s a special audio dichotomy that can only exist when two friends miscommunicate. Namely, A Day Without Love’s songs are electric, and mine are acoustic. If you watched the Split Announcement Video you’ll hear me allude to the fact that Brian told me we were doing an acoustic EP, yet he recorded all his songs as full band, in-your-face electric jams. I was initially surprised when I came in with acoustic tracks, but it ended up working in our favor. What we created speaks to how Brian and I are as music fans and as artists — we wanted to create something cool together, so we did. Neither of us feel it’s necessary to release a split with an artist that sounds exactly like you, so we rolled with the miscommunication, and Young Professionals stands tall, half acoustic and half electric.

That said, I decided to take an acoustic spin on the hardest song on the EP, ADWL’s opener, “Pity”. Think of it as what could have been had we gone all acoustic :). Hear my take below, and hear the finished version on February 24th when Young Professionals releases on all your favorite streaming services.

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